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How To Be A Successful Model

April 6, 2017

We watch models take the runway,it looks so simple until you learn of all the noise,the traffic and bustle backstage.That’s the trick,they are making it look perfect,modelling is all about looking natural in unnatural situations. Modelling is a wide field that incorporates all kinds of models;runway,catalog,editorial and lately video and instagram models.The industry is no longer looking for just a pretty face but a brand,business and a boss.An all rounded model who  has a model figure, can act,dance,do a commercial,…

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January 19, 2017

It’s a happy new year!I know that the excitement is long gone,so allow me to awaken it.Financial struggles,work deadlines,job search,uncleared debts,broken resolutions and unexpected health problems are just but a few issues making it difficult to embrace the year with the grace it deserves.You don’t need all these stress anyway,so I got some few ideas I came across that can be of help. 1.Take time out. Stepping back from the problem clears the mind.If it’s work stress,taking a lunch break,a…

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May 31, 2016
Dolly Pinky

  What does success mean to you?I evaluate success in different ways but being a corporate lady,my idea of success is not only doing well myself but as a team.Therefore success is when I am doing my job well,meeting the goals set by my supervisors and fellow workers and satisfied with my position,knowing my work is not only  adding value to my company but also to my overall life and lives of other people. There is no short-cut to success,one…

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