September 15, 2017

What is style? Many times we all fail to understand that style is not necessarily the latest fashion.Let’s learn from the famous people in this  industry.”Being stylish is a combination of the way you dress coupled with the ability to wear clothes with confidence.Each person’s style should be a reflection of what’s inside” Furne One,Amato Haute Couture.”It is the freedom of spirit,the confidence to be yourself,to be sensual,to interpret fashion in your own way and wear it boldly.Style is a way of life,not a trend,but a philosophy and,in my opinion,one that often requires a of rebellion and daring” Robert Cavalli.

“Style is about embracing your womanhood with a sense of joy and grace.”Kate Kerrigan.”Style is not about fashion.It’s about this new attitude that women have.Suffering to be beautiful can’t work.” Christian Louboutin.”It’s not about the latest item,but flattering cuts,colours and accessories.If a woman is both happy and confident in what she is wearing,that to me is style.”Caroline Stanbury.

“Style reflects a woman’s personality.I like wearing things that not only look good, but what makes me feel great!”Zena El-Dana.”It is what irresistibly makes me reach for my camera and shoot!It can be a genuine smile,a sparkling laugh,a silhouette or sometimes the subtle emotion condensed in a tear drop”Emile Issa,fashion photographer.

“It’s about understanding nuance and distinguishing between what flatters and what overwhelms.Often it’s a matter of knowing what to take off,rather than put on!”Karen Swan.

In conclusion it all comes down to a sparkling laugh,understanding elegance,pure attitude,cuts and colours,embracing woman hood,a way of life and being beautiful,strong and confidence!

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