September 8, 2016
dolly chepngetich

Time is that resource equally given to every man but consumed in a different manner hence resulting in different social classes and performance in the society. Time can be on your side or against you depending on how you manage to manipulate it. You can be so quick to act and mess terribly, you can also wait for too long before acting only to lose an opportunity. The secret is mastering the art of timing.
Many have given their ideas concerning time, some say ‘Time is gold’ some say ‘Time is priceless, it is more precious than gold and silver’ I can’t agree less. Napoleon Bonaparte went ahead to give us more insight concerning the art of timing, ‘Recognize the moment, then, to hide in the grass or slither under a rock, as well as the moment to bare your fangs and attack. Space we can recover, time never.’
The skill is priceless in everything, from business to getting a spouse .Investors have no option but to know the perfect time to buy stocks and when to sell it, the ‘matatu’ driver must know when to play soft music and ‘youth music’, just remembered this day after work, I boarded a matatu, it was quiet at that moment, as soon as it was full and ready to leave, the driver turned  the radio on, I have never seen people rushing out that fast, he had to change the music. A guy must know when to ask a lady out and when to propose less he appears too desperate or he gets invited to her wedding. An employee must also know when to retire and when to start saving for his retirement, you don’t want to go knocking doors with your walking stick seeking for employment. To avoid being taken for granted, you should also know when to withdraw from a situation.
We have no option but learn how to make time our slave and not vice versa. I have heard of old people who had great plans but never accomplished them and now they can’t stop talking about those dreams. Imperfect timing can lead to failure, people who have no value for time fail in attaining their goal and succeeding in their plans. Although riding with the rest is ideal, do not get lost in the crowd, have your own principles.
Don’t just plan, have a detailed step by step progress. Never seem to be in a hurry, it betrays lack of control over yourself and over time. Be sensitive to your environment, exercise patience and take control of your emotions. Keep your cool and maintain a low profile, slowly building support to your rise to power. Learn from past mistakes,master the art of perfect timing and take appropriate measures to restore yourself. If there is anything trending, it is not wise to ride in it, anticipate its outcome then make a decision. See you at the top!
Dolly Chepngetich.

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