September 5, 2017

I was eagerly waiting for the elections to come to an end so that I can resume my hobbies. I will have to brace myself for more instead. Meanwhile, it’s time to resume my hobbies nevertheless.

Talking of our modern living, it seems there’s a dominating force taking over our being and zapping our happiness. And sadly, it’s something that prefers corrupting the lives of women rather than men. “More than ever we’re feeling bad when we don’t or can’t keep up with everything that’s expected of us and it’s making us overly giving, hyper-responsible and devoted to pleasing others” Susan Carell. “Modern life is giving women far more choice and opportunities than ever, meaning there is so much else for us to feel guilty about”.

Paul Gilbert, author of the compassionate Mind agrees that its society’s continuing high expectations on women that are the main cause of the rise of this new phenomenon. “These days women are always urged to compare themselves to others, be it the super woman-style work colleague who manages to juggle a family, a demanding career and two Pilate’ classes a week to the endless media images of gorgeous celebrities “ he says.

I was going through some of my Saturday Nation Magazines and our own Joan Thatiah has done a great job tackling this issue in her articles. We constantly seek public approval of our life decisions, in most cases from people who have no stake in it whatsoever. Women always have the need to explain their life choices due to the society’s certain expectations of us. We fail to realize that it is okay to do that which makes us happy and complete. Never waste your precious time explaining to anyone why you live the way you do, explaining or trying to justify your life choices is a kin to doubting your sense of judgement. Let the approval comes from within, if your mind, soul and heart is at peace, forget about the opinion polls.

You could be this lady who decided to quit a six-figure job in order to raise her kids in the best way she knows how and deep inside you always trying to justify why you have no intention of re-entering the workplace or maybe you are this lady still enjoying her freedom and everyone around you is either getting pregnant, engaged or getting married. Stop explaining yourself to others, you are simply giving out control over your life and before you know it, people will be walking all over you. Take charge of your life and remember the only people who need an explanation are those affected by your choices.


Dress: Jumia

Shoes:La belle

Photography:Almutai Photography

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