Fancy funny how officers in full acting capacity as the figure heads and leads of organizations are able to accept in place of rejecting hard copies of applications @ this era of information age where everything has transformed to online applications necessarily done on their portals in form of soft copies. For instance, seeing them face to face is another challenge or gesture that is prone a tall order to convince them lest you book an appointment other wise inter alia or the secretarial in presiding front office has to call him/her directly and book you a session with thee or slate you another time inter alia.

Organizational echelons and structure’s and the integrity levels they reprimand, watch that space folks!!!

If you want to directly link up with them, you better request for their Business cards to contact them later or sim[ply their direct land lines of which you can directly call and speak to them in person rather than starting from scratch by seeing the receptionists and secretaries who in many casing points will complicate the whole thing in progress or simply postpone the appointment. Quite frustrating if you fall a victim but i bet count your self lucky if your are able to see them directly and converse with them face to face to table your grievance or need or requests for consideration. Whom, they will consolidate, revert and simply give you the feedback inter alia.

Have a good afternoon, won’t you!!!


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