Last Song

I will trace out the beats of my heart, Here on these paper parts, The unsteady rhythm that barely keeps me going, The constant pumping that is secretly my undoing, The visual tapestry that I cannot for the life of me stand, All the waves and frequencies that I do not understand. I will write down this song that my heart sings, Every solemn tune and...

Caught Up

Pardon me if I fail to laugh, Or share in the humor of your banter, I would apologize for not being charming enough, But first; to save myself from this relentless soul-hunter.
Dolly Chepngetich-Dollypinky
A beauty pageant is a celebration of beauty. It is a competition held to acknowledge and give honor to the beauty God has endowered us with and to top it up, a beauty pageant is also an effective means for campaigning for social awareness on different social issues and problems that need our attention. The modeling industry is expanding and...

The Simple Joys

The Simple Joys
What if we dared shed, The cloak of pride that, Though heavy and suffocating, We so devoutly wear? Would the person we see, In the mirror of true self, Be too much of a contrast, From the person we let be seen? What if we spoke from the heart, Looked on with love in our eyes, Smiled with all sincerity, Upon those life brings upon us? Would we lose our being, Or become...
Dolly Chepngetich-Dollypinky
We watch models take the runway and it looks so simple until you learn of all the noise, the traffic and bustle backstage. The trick is that they are making it look perfect. Modeling is all about looking natural in unnatural situations. Modeling is a wide field that incorporates all kinds of models; runway, catalog, editorial and lately video and...

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