About Us


Bringing inner beauty out


Dollypinky Cosmetics was founded by Dolly Chepngetich. Our CEO isn’t one who loans herself to society’s stereotypes. She knows her brain. She chooses when she needs to adjust and when to hold fast. She has a center of vast quality that shows itself in various ways. She decided to create these line of beauty products having tried many in the market but could not find one that met her needs.


Dollypinky Cosmetics’ mission is to elevate, enable, approve, and eventually assemble confidence in ladies around the globe through astounding items that empower both inward and external beauty while additionally giving chances to self-improvement and budgetary reward.

Dollypinky Cosmetics prides itself for offering a far reaching choice of cosmetics, skincare and hair care for ladies and men. We expect to if you don’t mind heading off to the most distant corners of the nation to contact you!

Bottom of Form

We appreciate the certainty, quality and beauty with which all of you carries on with your life. We need to be your buddy as you go up against numerous symbols and find your own character and individual style. As your beauty amigo, we make your life a ton less complex by not just furnishing you with master counsel and direction, yet additionally by delivery items appropriate to your doorstep.

Our Vision

‘Dollypinky Cosmetics’ represents a solid, new account in beauty, one that lifts up all outflows of independence. We accept there is no single format for beauty. Every lady is particularly wonderful and we might want to accomplice in her voyage to discover and improve it.

Our Purpose

We make beauty easy. We offer you the advantage of decisions between what is beneficial for you and what’s useful for you. We need you to encounter the delight of finding lovely items that appear to be made remembering you. We solidly keep out the mayhem of the commercial center and boudoir, swarmed with jugs and cylinders and containers.

Our Belief

Beauty originates from being on a first name premise with ourselves.

Cosmetics has been around for over a hundred thousand years, and beauty is just developing. What began with red color earth is currently a captivating universe of establishment, rouge, lipstick, redden, mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, eye caramba!

Meet Dollypinky Cosmetics, an amazing blend of innovation and beauty. An entry which conveys the best of both the universes.

‘Dollypinky Cosmetics’ is a cautiously created idea of conveying nature to your doorstep.


We trust that nobody ought to need to trade off their wellbeing for beauty. Together with our brands, we’re standing firm AGAINST TOXINS in close to home consideration, declining to make do with anything other than the most secure, best items. We’re moving the attitudes — and building a network of activists who need a superior sort of beauty.


Fixings can be destructive for various reasons. Some may dry out skin while others have been connected to malignant growth. Regularly, these fixings are put into items to make them all the more satisfying — regardless of whether to smell a specific way, make a more extravagant foam or give them a more drawn out time span of usability. Be that as it may, our bodies don’t realize how to process them.

At ‘Dollypinky Cosmetics’ Wagon, we guarantee each fixing in our items assumes a positive job in your wellbeing. No drawbacks or bargains permitted.


To get affirmed from us, an item must be sheltered, viable and sumptuous to encounter. We’re uncompromising, some may state determined, in our mission to locate the best items, and we figure you ought to be, as well.


We are focused on curating the best of characteristic beauty without trading off on proficiency and guaranteeing that every one of our items are cold-bloodedness free.

Your Beauty is Our Passion.