We watch models take the runway and it looks so simple until you learn of all the noise, the traffic and bustle backstage. The trick is that they are making it look perfect. Modeling is all about looking natural in unnatural situations.

Modeling is a wide field that incorporates all kinds of models; runway, catalog, editorial and lately video and Instagram models. The industry is no longer looking for just a pretty face but a brand, business, and a boss. An all-rounded model who has a model figure, can act, dance, do a commercial and give a perfect walk has a great future if they push for it.

Being a brand is not only about who you are but how you present yourself to the world. You have got to be in full control of yourself so that you won’t get lost in the crowd. Have a course, stand for something and ensure you connect with your fans.

To be a great model, you need to identify a personal style that you are comfortable with and let people remember you when they meet you. You can go for youthful sophistication, sexy loyal, social glam, model chic or even model electric. Remember to wear clothes and don’t let the clothes wear you.

It’s competitive and perhaps you should borrow these lessons;

1. Remember that first impression matters. Look versatile all the time.

2. Don’t get too comfortable. Constantly work on yourself.

3. Don’t let your insecurities get the best of you. We all have background stories, some bizarre and others incredibly awesome but remember stories change when we decide to expand our minds perpetually. Don’t get stuck in your past.

4. Be your boss and command your attitude. Don’t be arrogant. You can be strong without being a bitch.

4. Be passionate, confident and hardworking.

The industry is tough but there are people to help you and critique you as well.

Whether you are a demure wife who sits at home minding the house or an employed or an entrepreneur, deep down, we all want everyone to look up to us with admiration. Perhaps it’s time we borrowed some of these skills and stay fashionable. As for men, the world is slowly embracing the modern sophisticated man. It’s time we take the skills to our homes and offices and became a more civilized society.

The pillars of society are truth and freedom. You have one life. You won’t get another chance to live it the way you want.