It’s a happy new year! I know that the excitement is long gone, so allow me to awaken it. Financial struggles, work deadlines, job searches, uncleared debts, broken resolutions and unexpected health problems are just but a few of the issues making it difficult to embrace the new year with the grace it deserves. You don’t need all this stress anyway, so I got some few ideas I came across that can be of help.
1.Take time out.
Stepping back from the problem clears the mind. If it’s work stress, taking a lunch break, a walk to the washrooms, sharing a joke with colleagues or practicing yoga can come in handy.
2.Get enough sleep.
When your mind is stressed, your body requires additional sleep, don’t deny it.
3.Maintain a positive attitude.
Entertain positive thoughts and shed off negative thoughts. Read inspirational books, watch inspirational You-tube channels to improve your attitude. Remember, our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us.
4.Exercise daily (Such a challenge to me, hope you make it).
This helps you feel good and maintain your health.
5.Do your best.
You don’t have to be perfect just do your best and be proud of however close you get.
6.Limit caffeine and avoid alcohol intake.
The two have a tendency to aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks. They also lead to addiction.
7.Maintain a well-balanced diet.
Do not skip any meals plus enjoy energy-boosting snacks on hand. Your body needs food more when the mind is stressed.
8.Take deep breaths regularly.
Inhale and exhale slowly.
9.Welcome humor.
Laugh when you can. A good laugh goes a good way.
10.Get involved.
Find a way to be active in your community. It creates a support network and gives you a break from everyday stress.
11.Learn what triggers your anxiety.
Write a journal when you are feeling stressed or anxious and look for a pattern.

I just hope you wrote it somewhere as a constant reminder. Now let’s face the year with grace!


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