It is so sad that peer pressure is such a powerful force that has made many souls around the world wander into the unknown. Many people fail to make a stand because of fear of being rejected or looked down upon by the folk. They will not declare their love for God in public but in reality, they long to have a long-lasting relationship with Him. No one wants to end up in hell but again not everyone wants to subject their lives to righteousness. For many, it is such a demand since the world offers a lot of better options in the eyes of men but not a spiritual man in this case.It’s time we stood for what we know is right and stop compromising so that we don’t fall out of the group. If you desire to have a good peaceful life for eternity, it is time you drop your earthly desires and embrace that which is so sacred. It is better to be hated for who you are than to be liked for someone you are not. No one lives forever, we all die, what becomes of you when this world is behind you? Make a decision to change your ways and gain real freedom. Say no to peer pressure and be yourself. Freedom is what we’ve got in our hearts and it is given to us by God. Seek for it today!