What if we dared shed,
The cloak of pride that,
Though heavy and suffocating,
We so devoutly wear?
Would the person we see,
In the mirror of true self,
Be too much of a contrast,
From the person we let be seen?

What if we spoke from the heart,
Looked on with love in our eyes,
Smiled with all sincerity,
Upon those life brings upon us?
Would we lose our being,
Or become less than we ought to be?
Would the sun cease to shine,
Or would the skies of our life darken?

Each breaking dawn we take up new pain,
That gnaws at our insides incessantly,
A prison we have designed for ourselves,
All the while pretending to be free,
Our distorted understanding of happiness,
Yet all we need do is seek ourselves,
To learn that our greatest longings,
Are those met by the simplicities of life.